Makeup expires?! | How long should you keep makeup?

As promised, here is a post on makeup expiry and making sure you are not using out of date makeup!


A few years ago, I came across a picture that showed how long different makeup items could be kept for once opened. I quickly threw out many items… I can’t find this exact picture, but here are some guidelines for you!

Some things to keep in mind

  1. Write the date on the product when you first open it to keep track – Makeup and skincare bottles/containers usually have a small symbol on the base of it with a 6M, 12M or 24M, indicating expiration time in months.
  2. Try to keep makeup and skincare products out of the sun!
  3. Disposable applicators are your friends (if you can access one for mascara and lipstick (especially when testing them out at the store).
  4. Clean makeup brushes regularly to prevent bacteria growth and breakouts – set aside a day/time to wash all of your brushes you regularly use.

How long can I keep makeup after I open and use it? 

[ E Y E S ]

Mascara – 3 months.
Get rid of it if it gets clumpy or starts to smell funny! and do not share it!

Eye pencil – 2 years. Sharpen regularly, before each use if possible.

Liquid eye shadow – 12 months.

Eye shadow – 2 years. Get rid of them when they get more flakey and dry.

[ F A C E ]

Liquid foundation and concealer – 6-12 months.

Moisturising foundations and stick concealer – 18 months.

Oil-free foundations – 12 months. Get rid of it if the product separates or looks lighter.

Cream blush – 1 year.

Powders and blush – 2 years. Get rid of them when they get flaky and dry.


Lipstick and lip pencil – 2 years. Get rid of it is if becomes dry.

Lip gloss – 1 year. Get rid of it if the gloss becomes extra sticky.

Nail polish – 1-2 years. Get rid of it when it separates and won’t blend after a shake or if it gets extra gooey.

Perfume – 8-10 years. Get rid of them when they start to smell different or appear lighter. Store in a cool, dark place to make them last longer.

Lotion/cream – 2 years. Get rid of it when the colour or scent changes.


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