Meet Nurse Ogunsola!!! C.E.O TI-ANNA’S WORLD


This segment is set to showcase nurse entrepreneurs who not only serve humanity but also have the ability to smoothly carryout unique activities based on ideas which are marketable.

Let me introduce to you…


NGT: Tell us about your background.

TI-ANNA: I am the third born of a family of five. I’m a Christian, a native of Ogun state, an Entrepreneur. I studied at Sacred Heart School of nursing, Lantoro, Abeokuta. I chose nursing so as to improve nursing profession to save life. Also, I have been a Red Cross member from my young age, so I feel it’s a great privilege to help people.

NGT: What inspired you to start this business?

TI-ANNA: Well, I have always been a business oriented person, but I felt a need that in giving out beautiful gifts to people can help improve our ways of life.

NGT: How long has your brand been in operation?

TI-ANNA: Over a year.

NGT: What services does your brand offer?

TI-ANNA: We give advice, help package and deliver gifts all at our client’s budget. Or let me say majorly putting our client’s budget into consideration.

NGT: What challenges did you first experience when starting out?

TI-ANNA: Wow! A lot! First of all, potential clients seeing our previous works and liking them but their own budget might not be sufficient for such. It has been a major challenge, though. And also, distance from the delivery state to client’s appointed location. Delivery fee has also been a challenge.

NGT: What do you find exciting about your business?

TI-ANNA: Beautification of gifts and smile on our clients’/recipients’ faces while they get even more goodies than what they expect. Surprising even the sender, most times.

NGT: What is your long term vision for your brand?

TI-ANNA: Reaching out to more states and making our brand known worldwide so as to improve the art of gifting.

NGT: What makes your business different from competitors?

TI-ANNA: Because we gift out quality and locally/international gifts (souvenirs).

NGT: Your role-model/mentor?

TI-ANNA: Mr Adeoye James.

NGT: Materials you can’t do without?

TI-ANNA: Gift boxes, hampers, ribbons, different types of beautiful gift/souvenirs.

NGT: Advice to those who also want to start out.

TI-ANNA: Whatever you have in mind, start it now, no matter how small, just start!!!

NGT: Last word…

TI-ANNA: We make personalised gifts, gift favours, gift packs that suits all occasions. Give a gift today, be a giver. Thank you.





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